BQBC Packing Cubes

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Packing cubes are the BEST for packing and traveling for meets. We always travel with packing cubes at Beam Queen Bootcamp to stay organized with our on-the-go lifestyle. 

If you are anything like us, you're constantly juggling school, practice, social activities and more. That's why we've created this set of 6 packing cubes of different sizes. 

You can put your competition warm-ups and leotard in one pack, your fun clothes in a different cube and your dirty clothes in another. They're perfect for quick changes and making sure you have everything you need on trips! 

We hope you love these as much as we do. 

We also have a quote on the front that says, "Put your crown on and be the queen you were meant to be," to inspire you to be your best self each day!